Claris FileMaker Certified Developers - Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Developers without Borders

CamelCase data was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2008, and is currently based in Frankfurt, Germany.

We work with companies in a range of sectors, and always look forward to discovering activities we barely knew existed. Geographically speaking, most of our clients are currently either in BC or in Germany; others in the US and various European countries.

You are welcome to contact us in English, French, German, Spanish or Swedish.

Committed to FileMaker

With over 20 years of FileMaker experience, we are FileMaker Certified Developers (18/17/16/15/14/13/12/11/10/9/8) and Claris Partners since our founding.

FileMaker is a great tool for building database solution that continue to evolve with the users needs. The Claris FileMaker platform has come a very long way, and we’re very excited about what continued development of the product line is bringing.

Committed to Our Clients

We are very lucky to have customers who have trusted us to accompany them as their businesses evolve over the years. With mutual respect and understanding, you can achieve great things, and it doesn’t really have to be very complicated.

Some clients need something new every week, while we hear from others maybe only once a year, but we strive to build long-term relationships, we are always there for our clients, and we always talk straight.

Staying Up to Date

While the frequent updates to hardware and software are a mixed blessing, they are a reality. Mission-critical solutions have to be kept up to date and upgraded on a regular basis. The long-term risks and costs of not doing it are just too high.

We therefore only work with the most current versions of the FileMaker platform (FileMaker 19, as well as the preceding versions, FileMaker 17 and 18), including custom iOS applications built with the FileMaker iOS Application SDK. If you are currently using an older version, we do have extensive experience with bringing older solutions up to today’s standards.

Staying Fresh

We have for years regularly attended, spoken at and sponsored events like:

Just as importantly - not least in these complicated times - we're also active on a number of online forums, not least on the Claris Community as CamelCase data.

Sometimes you also want to take a little time to “play” with FileMaker, and see how you can push the borders. We occasionally share the results of this play - often but not always involving the internal use of XML in FileMaker - in the community.

Sharing our own experiences and hearing about those of others is what allows us to be able to come up with a creative solution to whatever challenge we and our customers encounter.

No Prefab!

Each CamelCase solution is conceived and built from scratch. Our job is to mirror your reality in code, not squeeze you into a box based on whatever we have happened to have done before.

That obviously doesn’t stop us from developing modular, re-usable code for very generic functions – while keeping even that code customizable.

There are certainly cases where ready-made solutions (FileMaker-based or otherwise) are the best choice. But your needs warrant the extra investment, there’s just no comparison to what you can achieve with custom database development.

FileMaker 18 Certified Developer

Claris Partner