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CamelFish Add-On Localization utility

CamelFish Add-On Localization utility

This playground file started out when we were preparing our first add-ons and wanted to localized them into a few different languages. We progressively added more and more features, as we need to automate more of the tasks involved. The version posted here has been enhanced in view of our session "Localize it!" at dotfmp.berlin 2021 and comes with a fancy one-click option to create and localize an add-on.

CamelFish is very much a proof-of-concept/work-in-progress file, to be used at your own risk. The one-click option will work partially, completely, or not at all, depending on what the programming in your original add-on file looks like. The real purpose of the one-click option is precisely to all the things you need to pay attention to when localizing. For production use, you will want to get to know the step-by-step localization process, which will involve making intelligent choices, doing manual editing, and often also adapting the way you structure your code. We are planning to make CamelFish smarter and smarter to avoid some of the current known limitations, but some amount of human intelligence is likely to be required to do good localization, at least for now.

The utility is currently designed to work only on macOS, and will require a valid Google Translate API and/or DeepL API Free key to use all the features.

Video recording of the presentation / dotfmp.berlin 2021

CamelCase Calendar Playground

This unlocked playground file illustrates a handful of the many ways in which a Claris FileMaker/FullCalendar integration can be customized to suit the specific needs of each use case.

Inspired by true events.

CamelCase Calendar Playground

Developing FileMaker with FileMaker - On the FileMaker Internal Use of XML

This is a topic we've been passionate about for a very long time, and given several presentations through the years. Below are the PDFs for the presentations given in 2019 at the Scandinavian and Spanish FileMaker conferences that year. We're happy to not that a lot has already changed, not least with the introduction of features like Add-Ons in FileMaker 19, but we think the fundamentals remain valid and relevant.

  • Developing FileMaker with FileMaker - On the FileMaker Internal Use of XML
  • Programar FileMaker con FileMaker Sobre los mĂșltiples usos de XML al interior de FileMaker

Tweet about the presentation at Spanish DevCon 2019