Services & SkillsCustom FileMaker database development

Custom Development

Our main activity is custom database development. You bring us the challenges you are encountering in your activity, and we carry out a thorough analysis, leading up to a proposal for a software solution that will help your business or organization.

FileMaker is the core technology we work with, but since this platform is very open to interaction with other software, we have also accumulated a fair amount of knowledge of other technologies. And when we don't have the expertise needed in a given domain, we are not afraid to do collaborations with other developers, rather than try to dabble and end up with solution that doesn't meet our own high standards.

Coaching & Training

In some cases, you have an existing solution that works well for your needs, maybe built by yourself or by an in-house developer. While you don't need the kind of a highly complex solution a professional developer would build, there are specific features that you aren't quite able to get right yourself. That is where we come in and help you overcome those hurdles and grow your own FileMaker knowledge. We address specific issues in a way that not only makes sure the issue at hand gets solved, but also prepares you to be able to do more on your own the next time a new challenge arises.

Database Audits

Your business has an existing FileMaker solution, and you're experiencing problems. You're planning an expansion, and you don't know if your database is going to be able to keep up with the increased activity. You're taking over a company or a department, and you don't know what that FileMaker database is worth. You're using an old version of FileMaker, and have decided to finally upgrade, and want to make sure you avoid issues when doing so.

In cases like this, we offer a database audit, where we review the database from a programming point of view, based on our long experience and knowledge of best practices, as well as using various tools for analysing FileMaker databases.

We will present you with a written report, highlighting issues and recommending ways of addressing them.